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I have recently done a semen analysis and here are the results (normal ranges in bracket).

total volume = 1ml (1.5-5)
viscosity = abnormal (normal)
total count = 35 mil/ml (>20)
round cells = 4 mil/ml
semen pH = 8.3 (7.2-7.Cool
motility = 50% (>49)
forward progression = 2+ (3+-4+)
agglutination = 2+ (not seen)
liquifaction = incomplete (complete)
morph ideal = 50% (>70%)
head defects = 50%
neck defects = 10%
tail defects = 10%

What does it mean, Can we still get a baby?
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replied February 18th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Neguy, The World Health Organization (WHO) defines infertility as total volume less than 2ml and less than 20 million healthy and motile sperm per ml.

I am not an expert at interpreting the results so speak to your doctor. It does seem pretty low from what I can gather but I can be wrong.

You should also have another test done in a few weeks time, especially when the numbers are low. Your sperm production can differ drastically for time to time.

Best of luck!
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