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selfharm scars haunting me

hi i have got selfharm scars running up my right forarm from 16 years ago i am now 29 they are quite thick and noticeable still to this day i did not go hospital when i done it as i was so ashamed off what i did i hid it and deeply regret it now there is no way off hiding them unless i wear long sleeve tops i have had enough off wearing them i will do anything to reduce them i have tried all the creams oils etc nothing works i am desperate to reduce them i am willing to pay to reduce them but i dont want to make them worse i went to my gp and they gave me factor 50 sun block great help they were any advice will be much appreciated
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replied June 2nd, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Unfortunately, any injury to the skin will heal with scar tissue. Depending upon how extensive the scars are, there may be some things that can be done to reduce their appearance.

If they are not extensive, a dermatologist may be able to use a laser or dermabrasion to smooth them out some.

If large, keloid in formation, a plastic surgeon may be able to excise them or do z-plasties to smooth them out a little. But, you will still have scars, just smaller ones.

However, if you are an extensive keloid former, anything invasive may just make them worse. So, you want to have them treated, see a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. There are no magic creams, except to just cover them up.

Good luck.
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