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Self Injury because of feeling guilty

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Im going to be very honest- i cut myself because i feel guilty about a lot of things- my sexual relationships, my past, my drug habits, my attitude towards my friends.... im a good person, ive just been through the mill. unfortunatly, everytime i cut it gets closer and closer to that vital artery. should i tell a doctor?
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replied July 19th, 2009
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what do you think you should do? You know what? Guilt is a useless emotion. All it does is ruin your life, and everyone's around you. If you have done things that make you feel guilty, then find ways to stop doing them. If you have stopped and still feel guilty, you need to let go of that feeling. Ask yourself if it does any good to feel guilty? No. What's past is past. Move on, and stop trying to punish yourself for things that are history. We've all been through the mill in one way or another. It's how you deal with it that makesl the difference between a happy, healthy life, and a miserable one. Life is too short to waste on guilt. If you need help with this, I strongly suggest you get some, before you do damage to yourself that can't be reversed.
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replied July 20th, 2009
Honey-we all make mistakes and we all have some rough stories to tell but going through life repeating the same mistakes is not the answer..Learn from the mistakes and move forward..Cutting really is not the answer-cutting is another pain and the world is already full of enough of the pain..
You do need to talk with a professional..Get your self together.. Life really is good and you need to open your eyes to see it..
Throw the blades away..Like you said you are a good person and you don't need nor deserve this pain..
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