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Self inflicted pain in the testicles

My son likes to crush or smack his testicles hard and he says he enjoys the pain but I need to know how can he do this safely or if it will cause damage
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replied June 15th, 2019
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How old is your son ?
Some men do get enjoyment from the intense pain of testicle abuse, called ball busting.
Yes, it definitely can injure or destroy his testicles, depending on what he is doing to them and how forcefully he is abusing his testicles.
He could end up with reduced fertility, sterility, nerve damage, chronic pain in his testicles, scrotum, penis, and the various tubes, veins, arteries, muscles, and body parts that connect his testicles to his body. He could get ruptures of blood vessels, bleeding internally in his scrotum and testicles. Also he could damage or breach the natural barrier that separates every man s own immune system from his sperm production cells inside his testicles and in his sperm storage spaces. The sperm and sperm creating cells only have half of a man s DNA. The female s egg would supply the other half of a new baby s DNA from the mother. To provide a baby with a complete set of DNA. A man s body sees his sperm and sperm production cells as foreign cells which do not contain his entire DNA to recognise them as being part of his body. A man s own immune system can attack, kill, eat, and dissolve and dispose of his own sperm and his sperm production cells inside his testicles as invading foreign cells if his natural barrier is damaged or opened by injury, surgery, or other causes. He could end up with reduced sperm production, chonic pain, sterility, deformed sperm, or body wide immune system problems from his testicles producing new sperm every day that can antagonize his immune system s response to his own sperm as foreign invaders entering into his body every day and 24 hours a day.

Many boys, teens, and men do use testicle abuse as a sexual enjoyment without any injury or problems. Most males can engage in surprisingly rough abuse of their testicles and scrotum with no major injuries or problems. But it can cause problems if it damages his scrotum or testicles. Scrotums and testicles are tougher than you would think. But testicles are very difficult to repair if they get injured or have immune system or sterility or infertility problems. Moderation is the key in most activities in life, including in ball busting for sexual pleasure.
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