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Thanks to everyone who has read and responded to my other topics. I think the
Title is quite self explanatory I'm self harming again I actually thought I had moved on
(guess not) I have been self harming since I was nine and stop around 18/19 till February this
Year. It started off I do it once a month , twice a month , weekly , now I'm doing it daily.
It's all I think about . Of course I have background history to make me self harm but il not
Go into that just now.

I've tried all stop mechanism they just don't work for me. I tell everyone on here to try them
In the hope that it helps them stop. I need to move on I'm living in the past and I'm isolating
Myself from everyone because I know I'm unsociable . I'd do anything
To be a better friend and family member . I just don't know what to do anymore I feel like
Somewhere from 9 till now Ive lost the care free funny person I once was.

I've started taking sleeping pills do I don't have to be awake during this process this will also stop
Me from self harming. I don't like what I have become and want to change badly I think
It doesn't help I have no one to talk to that understands anyway.

Thanks for reading - sorry if it was boring

Take care
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replied August 27th, 2012
Dont apologise. Have things in ur life changed recently to make u start again? i do the sleeping pill thing to try and make time pass quicker by being asleep aswel. if u wana chat or inbox me feel free. been many deep seated probs weve both had/got. take care x
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replied October 6th, 2012
Hey Smile
Do you have any idea what has triggered you to start self harming again. Have you thought about going bk to therapy again.
You need to find a positive outlet to get rid if those sad feelings or feelings of anger.
Most people go through something like this in their young adulthood for many different issues that they had in their childhood. Some people eat, some drink. What you need to learn is to love yourself. It comes with age i think, the older you get, the more you question why you do these things to yourself... Just becausesomeone hurt you in life, that doesn't mean you need to punish yourself for it.
On the contrary, you need to learn self love. You have a beautiful soul SpongeBob... Its time you started a new chapter in your life.a new beginning. Tell yourself you're going to have a wonderful life. Find your passion ib life, your calling and go with it and make a beautiful life for yourself because You Deserve It.
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replied November 22nd, 2012
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Thanks for your replies - unfortunately I only have bad news to share
I self harmed last night and I got the released feeling back I now believe I'm addicted again
Im still waiting for counselling and probably will keep self harming till then as the only forward for me .

I wish u all a recovery

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