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Self Control and Smoking Habit

Did you know that every cigarette you smoke takes away six minutes off your life? You can very well imagine the number of days it must be taking off ones life over a period of time. In spite of so many facts smoking is still the leading preventable cause of death and disease around the world.

Smoking eats up almost all the parts of our body from heart to our lungs and even kidneys and liver. Smokers are highly susceptible to lung cancer and emphysema. Smoking affects the lungs over a period of time and inhibits breathing. It also greatly increases the risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

No matter what medication is attempted at, none will be fruitful unless one is determined. The Best ways to quit smoking is by developing a strong Self Control, changing ones mindset and inculcating a few new habits. Stress and diminished self control are two important factors associated with smoking. Smokers who practice Self Control prior to quitting are more likely to succeed than smokers who have a diminished Self control. Yoga or Deep Breathing exercises help you to relax in times of stressful situations. Drinking lots of fluids also helps to flush out all the toxins from the body and to focus your mind. Avoiding alcohol, sugar, fatty foods and coffee helps reducing the craving for cigarettes. A slight change in the diet can help to a great extent. Each diet can be concluded with some delicious dessert instead of cigarettes. Cigarettes can be substituted with cinnamon sticks or chewing gums. One can distract oneself by going for a walk or a jog. Doing things which give us pleasure are ways to distract oneself. Going out shopping, taking a long shower can change your mood.

Breaking a habit is not simple, but its definitely not impossible.
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