I think self confidence is necessary to gain respect from other people. Without confidence in yourself people will sense it and not treat you with the respect that they would treat someone with total confidence in himself.
What do you think?
How do you gain such self confidence?
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replied December 27th, 2012
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Confidence is only a worthwhile thing if it is backed by competence - it is better to be competent and modest than be incompetent and confident!
Self-confidence without competency is not worth having...
Self-confidence with competence can lead to arrogance...

It is a wide picture or a gem with many facets you are attempting to discuss in an unwisely simplified form.

Respect is something that is best earned over a period of time and freely given.
Respect is a two-way street and part of the earning of respect is freely giving it to others when they deserve it.

Confidence that is adopted merely to assume the respect of others or to demand respect or to force respect is often a very short-lived thing or at best remains semi-transparent.
Confidence that is assumed as a means to an end is another form of pomposity.

Those who are perceived as pompous are usually the butt of private jokes...

The best sort of confidence remains the sort where a confident person will go his own way regardless of the herd. Confidence is an essential quality in a leader - but only those leaders who will lead by example, lead from the front and who would never ask anyone to do something they cannot readily demonstrate their own mastery of!

I hope this helps you regain perspective?
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replied December 27th, 2012
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Hi cbtest and welcome to ehealth: I believe that being happy with who you are and try to be is part of the building of self confidence...Whatever follows helps make me who I am....Take care...

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