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Seizures tingling foot drag is this MS??

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Please help..I have been diagnosised with Eplilepsy 5 years ago after seeing several doctors/nuerologist..they started with dizziness and a left eye twicth..(car accident at 2Cool. I am having the following symptoms as well:Restled Leg syndrome
left foot drags after seizure
left side of body from head to toes tingle
left side of face eye droops aftrer seizure
muscle cramps/pins and needles
some memory loss/confusion
left hand turns blue
left eye blurry..drags when I get tired
I have several bone spurs disk problems from car accident
I was hit on left side of body and head
ribs hurt now when breathing in
tongue problems slurred speech
trouble swallowing

had B12 deficiency now gone
seizures left frontal lobe-pan in head and headaches after seizures

Worried about MS...
all scans show no problems..
diagnoned with seizure disorder, night spasms RLS at least 20 times per night
currently on 3300 anti seizure meds and RLS medication

I knowalot..I am a mess..should I request additional MS tesing to be done??
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