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Seizures or Night Terrors?

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Since childhood I've suffered from night terrors, and although they are less frequent in adulthood I still get them at least once a week. However, for the past few years something has begun happening. Whereas in my childhood a night terror would simply feel as though it was suffocating me, ever since my teenage years they are accompanied by violent, uncontrollable twitching and jerking. The twitching always begins in my head and, if I'm not awoken, will spread to my entire body until I literally shake myself awake, usually yelping or moaning. Luckily, I am usually aware of this happening when it does so I can describe the events and feelings that lead up to it. In the beginning it's very much like a night terror in that I sense a sudden, overwhelming, almost cosmic sense of dread and foreboding. However, this is where it becomes intensely vivid, almost more real than real. I will always begin to hear a sound like a metallic howling, unlike anything I've heard (or could imagine hearing) in waking life. As the foreboding intensifies so does the sound, until it's so loud it seems like the whole universe is shrieking at me. At its loudest I begin to feel disembodied, like I am drifting in the deepest recesses of outer space, somewhat how I imagine death to feel. It's in this disembodied state that I often hear sounds like elves chattering or angels singing. The noises are really quite impossible to describe in their beauty, their rhythm, and their intense other worldliness.

I have never experienced a "seizure" during the day, although after a night terror I feel exhausted and my short-term memory is shot for hours. Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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replied March 12th, 2012
I have had the same thing. I was told it was night terrors and then that i was having seizures, earlier this year i was told i have a brain tumor so it could be any of these things. Don't take my word for it though. Personally i think its seizures. Smile hope it helps. doubt it though.
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