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Seeing shapes in peripheral vision

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Whenever I focus on something, small shapes in my peripheral vision will appear bright and flashing - as if I'm unable to see them somehow. Let me give you an example as this is really hard to describe. If I'm looking at a white wall with some darker spots on it, the spots will appear normal for a second and then many of them will turn bright (unless I'm looking straight at them). Moreover, I have been seeing bright/black dots (not floaters) in or close to my line of vision for many days now, which for some reason are especially noticeable when I move my eyes. My ophthalmologist suggested I see a neurologist as everything seems fine with my eyes. He also thinks I should have a brain MRI. A relative of mine, who is a doctor, believes this to be psychosomatic. Truth is I have been over a lot of anxiety lately.
I have three questions. Should I consult a neurologist, or even a psychiatrist for that matter? Does the brain distinguish one shape from another? And do you think this is enough of a reason to have an MRI scan? baffle Thank you.
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