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seeing color move

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I was wondering what this could be.

I see color moving. If I look at a door that has a wood grain, I will still see the intricate patterns of the grain, so it's not that I have blurred vision. When I look at a wall, I can see the the bubbles of the drywall. But as a whole, the color seems to be moving. This happens more in shade and in areas with large areas of just one color. I was wondering if this had something to do with my cones and rods perceiving the color, or what? It's just weird. I tried to explain it to my doctor, but he just was dumbfounded.

I also get headaches from time to time behind my left eye. I can sometimes *feel* the blood going through my blood vessels, but an MRI has shed no light on this. The moving color is a constant thing, like the ringing in my ears. The headaches are once or twice a week, but do impair my vision.
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