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Seeing Blue Dot

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I am seeing a small blue dot a few times a day. The frequency of the appearances have been steadily increasing over the last few months. Very rarely I see a cressent shaped flash of light at the edge of my vission- but that might be because of my contacts. Today, the blue dot was a bit bigger and had a slight halo around it.

My ophthalmologist said the occasional appearance of a blue dot is normal. I have pretty horrible near-sightedness and am a glaucoma suspect (I'm under 30). He says my prescription is so bad that it is hard to tell what is normal. He says I have a thin ...cornea?....and high pressure. But the vision field and HRT ( don't remember the acronym, sorry) tests came back normal.

I guess if he thinks its normal - it probably is- to see spots...but I'm a bit worried anyway due to the recent appearance and the increases in frequencies.

I do not have floaters, do not see black bars, or flashes of light that cover the entire vision field.

Any similar experiences? should I be more/less worried? Anything that might help?

Thanks Very Happy
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First Helper ewb55

replied October 9th, 2009
Seeing a Bright Blue dot
I am very nearsighted and have glaucoma (I'm 45). I saw a blue dot about one month ago. My opthalmologist does not know what to make of it. The blue dot was very bright, just like if it were a blue laser pointer dot. It appeared for about 1 sec, disappeared about for about 5 sec and then reappeared for about 1 sec. It has not been back for the past month.
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replied November 11th, 2009
I have had blue spot sightings for years, sometimes quite often, and sometimes they are quite large. My eye doctors over the years have said it is nothing to worry about, so I don't. I consider it my own private light show and tend to enjoy seeing them.

I also get optical migraines...not painful but they put on their own light show (a flashing crescent that starts out as a small point and expands to the sides of my eyes, then rolls out of view.) Again, he (and everything else I've read) say they're harmless.

If your doctor isn't worried, then you might just go ahead and enjoy the novelty of it. At least, that's what I've been doing.

Hope this helps.
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replied January 29th, 2010
Visual disturbances
I see blue dots, red , gold, and silver dots in my vision. They come randomly and dont last that long. I also have seen things flashing in my vision. Once had a swirling vortex of lights in the corner of my right eye once lasted for like 5 minutes. I am near sighted and do have floaters also. I had an mri of my brain and it came back normal. So i am at a stop still. I have no idea what it is. wish i could help more.
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replied March 3rd, 2010
I recently began seeing a blue crescent in the extreme lower left corner of my left eye's visual field - but only momentarily when glancing to my upper right. This happened about a month after falling rather hard on my left cheek while skiing. (Neither my helmet nor goggles cover this area.) I have just come from my ophthalmologist's office. Nothing appears to be wrong with my retina. However, the gelatinous material that normally fills the eye appears to have pulled away from the retina in this area. It did not take any of the retina with it. Saline now fills this area. The saline and the gelatinous material have different indices of refraction. The transitory blue crescent seems to be an artifact of the bending of light due to the differences in the indices of refraction between the gelatinous material and the saline as the light travels towards the retina. I am told that unless this anomaly becomes larger or more persistent, that I should not be concerned about it. It is, after all, outside of my general field of view, transitory, and generally more visible in subdued lighting. I was tested for glaucoma (normal), blood pressure (normal) and field-of-view (normal).
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replied May 31st, 2015
Low Oxygen?
I'm myopic (-6.5) taking supplemental oxygen and if the cannula slips out I sometimes wake with a large blue dot surrounded with a thin jagged white halo and there is a small black dot at the center' This covers about 90% of my field of vision and is equal in either eye. I can see perfectly in the 10% not covered. Increasing my O2 made this go away in perhaps 10 minutes either shrinking or fading away. - So maybe some others have a breathing problem?
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