I suffer form severe bowel problems. For years I have had nothing but loose stools. Rarely, maybe once a week, do I have a solid bowel movement. I take over the counter anti-diarrheal products and they sometimes help. When I take these, I either start having solid bowel movements for a few days, or I have no bowel movement for several days. Lately I have noticed something seed like in my stool. It is not there every time, but lately has been there more often than not. It is about quarter of an inch long, oblong in shape, and is tan/flesh in color. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
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replied July 26th, 2009
It sounds like you have irritable bowel syndrome..it's very common. I think the seed in your stool is probably just from something you ate. Have you had a colonoscopy? You need to put more fiber in your diet, watch what you eat if you haven't started doing that already..Caffeine is a killer with bowel problems. Drink more water and stay away from any kind of foods that cause diarreah. I have also been reading that a lot of people with IBS and bowel problems are finding out that they have an intolerrance to gluten. I hope this helps.
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