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A secret department, in heaven, I stumbled in on it, and it's full of the worst of the worst from hell. They don't want you to know, but most of those in the department always knew. It's the department of heresiarchs. I guess it figures whoever set up heaven would be somewhat "interested" in what's going on "down there", what can they really do, what can some of these specimens actually come up with? And it is one of the most beautiful departments of heaven I've ever seen.

heresiarchs are the people who invent the herseies we love to live in.

Like alot of people in america burn fossil fuels to get around and then their government gets into wars in order to secure more fossil fuels, meanwhile I've been walking around america asking why they drive cars and no body has any idea, they all do it because all the other ones do it. Those are just the people following the heresy, and just for driving a car you don't get into that department of heaven.

But if you are the guy or the demon who came up with that crazy idea in the first place, then you are not just following a heresy, you are the architect of the heresy, the "Heresiarch", and for that demon there is a special place in heaven.

If you shoot people you begin to earn your room in hell, but if you invented the gun, you go so deep into hell's inner reaches that you squirm right up the chimney into the secret department of heaven, reserved for the heresiarchs.

If you just figure there's gravity cause you saw schoolhouse rock in the 70's, you just follow the heresy, but if it's 1666 and you are sitting under the apple tree, and demons are attacking you with apples, and you declare a new fundamental force in the universe, deep in the ground, to be pulling these apples down at you, and call it gravity, well, that earns you a special place in heaven's department of heresiarchs.

Me, I'm looking to hole myself up in the room in that department of heaven where everybody refuses to interact with time, the "anti time" coalition, one of the most dangerous in all the heavens.

when we follow the heresies of our day without question, and practice not-knowing, we can become healthy, strong, and beautiful. But when we reject the culture, the tribe around us, to go deeper and get a better explanation, one without "gravity" or "time", or "fossil fuel burning", well, it's not healthy, it's the other option we have in life, the option to be healthy and "belong", versus the option to "understand" on your own, and be considered "crazy" by the surrounding tribe, who you necessarily have to leave behind.

When we explain the mysteries of the universe around us in ways are unlike the explanations of the tribe around us, we become "mystagogues", or "hierophants", describing mysteries, and whereever you are when you perform the hierophant/mystagogue role, it's a "scene of hierophany", and at every scene of hierophany, a hole opens up between the worlds, a hole through which we can crawl and meet the demon world, a door through which the shadow people can spill into our realm, a hole through which our gods can look down on us and inform us of their otherworldly minds.

mites don't function as single mites, it's not me against this or that mite, and that's why it's not really wrong, in any religion, for me to clean the mites and parasites and yeast infestations all over me, I'm not killing "mites" or "yeast itself", I'm shaving the hair of a really big creature that spans the planet, appropriately, yeast and mites that function not as cells but as a mob, a massive shadow presence that stalks me in my hotel room, a predator who resides in a dimension so different from mine that it is almost as different as the demon world, (and if the dreams and visions I've been having for the past 25 years are the life and times of those mites and yeasts from the mite and yeast and demon world, they sure are wild. And evil.

so what would the new world look like, if you were gonna start your own, what's that religion where they come around and knock on your door and you go to their temple and you end up getting your own planet? I forget. But all my life since way before I ever heard of that religion, all the while I was a little kid growing up learning about the world, I figured eventually I'd be the only one and I'd have to re teach all this stuff. I was paying careful attention to the inventions of man, so I could reproduce my favorite in the new world. That's why I try to learn as much as possible about this one. I was planning on remembering my favorite rock and roll songs, and in the new world I would say I wrote them. I'd bring over the road bike, but not the mountain bike, I'll just wait for them to re invent that non sense on the new world.

As a god, I'd do alot the same actually. And I couldn't predict the flora and fauna that will bloom on my world, it's gonna be like putting 40 vegetables in the blender, you never know what color it's gonna be. But I know my fauna would be always changing, mystical, always graceful, elaborate, beautiful, and evil.

Yes, I would be like the integrated gods of the aztecs and the taoists, good and evil mixed together, agakokakological. As the devil portion, I want my children to go out and sin, to learn and grown stronger and more beautiful, then I'd recall my children into the holy grace at the end.

I'd set the entire universe all around them as their bible. And that's the catch, I can't leave them in the bliss of eden, I'll have to let the world get as evil and stupid as it is now, so that they could get to the part where they invent the chandra and hubble space telescopes, and the big one up on mt keck (Fishing in flushing puts the kick in the keck kat); the evil in their world, as devil I would downright foster it.

Because this crazy world brings us the space telescopes, which penetrate red shift space, quasars brought down to earth, something we shamans never had access to before in the history of humanity.

-nepomuk onderdonk
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replied July 19th, 2011
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I hate evil, but what a great post.

Oh, if only we had had a choice.
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