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Secondary infertility secondary amennorea

Hi all,
I have secondary infertility secondary amennorea.

I have now periods but very scanty.
I have good flow when i took cyproterone ðyleestradione.

What does it means

please help me.
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replied November 20th, 2011
Hi, I just wanted ask you if you have tried acupuncture. I was having very irregular periods for about a year after stopping BC pills and my doctor said that it would take about a year for my cycles to normalize. Well then I started reading how so many girls experience similar problems after stopping BC and sometimes taking 2-3 years for it to resolve. Well I didn't want to wait and my husband and I are ready to TTC, so I search for other options. I found acupuncture and after 3 months of no periods/no ovulation, I got my 1st period after 1 month of acupuncture. I dont know how it works but it works. I spoke to my gyno and all he wanted to do is give me more hormones to cause a period. He even offer getting my back to BC pills, which is probably what got me in this place in the first place. I would hate for anyone to go through so much trying to get pregnant if they could do it naturally. I hope this helps. Look for acupuncture clinics, read the reviews. There are so many success stories about infertility.
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