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second period this month, uncontrollable cravings

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My period has been irregular ever since I first started menstrating but now that I've started college its been starting to even out. I always thought my irregularity has been stress related, and I really do feel better now that Ive moved away.

With that said, I'm used to my periods being anywhere from two weeks to six months apart, but I've never really had any period symptoms (cramping, bloating, irritability, etc). Except that I'm occasionally more subsceptible to saddess every so often on my period.

However, I started my second period of the month last week and I've been having these insane sugar cravings; I've been eating about 4000 calories in sweets every day for the last few days. I know this might just be a hormone imbalance, and I'm not too worried about my mentrual health persay, but I know all this sugar isn't healthy. I wouldn't say I'm a health freak, but I always try to keep my calories around 1800-1900 per day of a relatively balanced diet, and I'm worried I'll be five pounds heavier by the end of my period (my periods are typically long and heavy).

Just as a note, I also have issues with my iron and chronic insomnia (I go at least one night a week without sleep).

I know this is a vague question, but any suggestions? Anyone know what might be going on/how to fix it/stop these cravings?
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