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Seasonique and foreplay - pregnant ?

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I'm on seasonique birth control and I take it almost on time everyday. On July 15th I had protected sex with my boyfriend. However, prior to the actual intercourse him and I fooled around and I had no underwear on but he had both boxers and gym shorts on and he was playing with me with his penis (clothed as mentioned) on my vagina. He had not orgasmed that way however his gym shorts were wet (I'm assuming more so from me than himself).

I feel that I honestly could not be pregnant from that however for the first time since I've been on my birth control I had break through bleeding 2 weeks ago. I've also gained almost 7 pounds since then and my breasts are begining to swell and I just generally feel bloated.

I've taken 5 pregnancy tests and they've all came back negative. The last one I took was on Monday.

Is it at all possible that I'm pregnant?
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replied July 26th, 2009
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The chances are very very slim that you are pregnant.

Weight gain and breast tenderness are two of the side-effects of Seasonique.
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