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Scrotum problem

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hello i am 22 years old i have been masturbating like every day for like 5-8 years and now my scrotum looks saggy and empty most of the time there is no discomfort but sometimes it feels weird and can easily feel the spermatic cord . anyone know if theres any way to fix
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replied May 28th, 2012

there are cons and pros to have a saggy sack but cons and pros to have a tight sack.

After all it's all about esthetic.(Get over it)

The way you describe your scrotum, it looks like it is in perfect health and beyond average.

a saggy, stretched or big scrotum usually means you are in good health, your hormones are well balanced and that you exercise enough. (low stress life)

To maximise your sex health and scrotal appearance, maybe to consciously exercice your PC muscle would be a great idea (Pubococcygeus muscle)

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