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Scrotum itch/red/scar

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I am 18 years old and over the past 2 years I have had these scars on my scrotum. It started off as itchiness and I would scratch my scrotum. Sometimes I would scratch until it went red. Now it has become many circle patches (cauliflower like) that are round and clump together in one area. It has not spread for 1 year because I have been more careful where I scratch. But it still itches and it is lighter in colour and obvious aswell. I have not had any sexual contact with anyone. Also every once in a while, when I scratch it, skin peels into a powder- like form.
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First Helper deestar

replied April 30th, 2012
hello, my name is anton, I'm from Indonesia,

I also have a similar problem with yours, so I would like to know how you take care of it,
thank you
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