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scrotum bleeding

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Hi, I'm a 57 year old man. Yesterday morning I had a shower, dried myself off and then went over to the washbasin to clean my teeth. When I looked in the bathroom mirror I saw blood pouring down my legs. After I mopped myself off I saw that it was coming from my scrotum, but I couldn't see a cut or understand how I could have cut myself there anyway. The bleeding continued for about 15 minutes, but I eventually managed to get it to stop and covered up the area where it seemed to be coming from with a plaster. It didn't hurt or anything, just lots of blood. I haven't had any pain in that place . I was a bit nervous in the shower this morning, but this happened third time.

Is this something to worry about? I've made an appointment for tomorrow evening with my doctor, but am I panicking over nothing?
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First Helper srinat

replied August 8th, 2014
Did you find out the reason for this? This happened to me this morning for the first time and I'm really concern. Thanks for any info.
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