I have for some years had varicose veins in the scrotum and do not for the moment wish to consider surgery ( act not been offered such). My problem is that I suffer dull nauseating discomfort and would wish to find a support garment that will pull my scrotum from between my thighs and away from pressure or squashing that aches so. I have looked frequently on line and most sites that supply such and they seem either erotic ( joy) or just weird. What would please me no end would be to find a simple under garment to fulfill this purpose that is not stupid pennies or sexually connected. Jock straps seem far too odd to me...HELP PLEASE......Ta
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First Helper reubenstub

replied November 13th, 2010
The best selection out there is at International Jock - which also sells "sexy" underwear but these truly are medical garments. They isolate the scrotum, leaving the penis to hang free, not to be kinky but because this offers better support, and you can do things like go to the bathroom without having to pull it off, which could disturb your scrotum (at least if you're sore or have an injury).

I happen to like the Truform without leg straps, but see what design works best for you. Picking a size can also be hit or miss. Expect to possibly need to return or exchange what you order (or, if you've worn it, to just buy another).

Good luck --
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replied November 16th, 2010
briefs or trunks work well. Try figleaves.com. Personal recommendation is for Armani underwear, but there are several other types that should work. None of these are "erotic" or odd - just normal, close fitting underwear that offer support.
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replied May 5th, 2011
i use a qns scrotal support from qnsscrotalsupport.com, it can hold your testicles/scrotum without confining your penis. This product has helped me more than i could have imagined and is very well made.
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replied December 15th, 2012
I was about to order about $300 of support underwear because I too suffered from nauseating discomfort and pain from a varicose veins in the scrotum. I was sitting next to my girlfiend at the time. She looked over and saw what I was ordering, laughed at some of selections and said let me try. I said sure, what the hell.

The next day I came home and I had eight black pairs sitting on the bed. She said try them on. The didn't have any labels or anything but I was hurting. I tried them and they worked great. She said I got them for $30 dollars and I like the way that make your butt look.

I wore them for a week and felt so much better. I was even getting more physical stuff done. On that night after I went down on her and we fooled around she told me she had a confession. I though Oh crap what now.

She told me that she used a black marker of the labels and I had been wearing "Best fitting panties" from Walmart for the past week. She made me admit that worked great. I have been wearing them ever day since and know one knows, not even in the locker room.

They work well, cost less, and fit great. The only "negative" was a little teasing from my girlfriend like a text saying I am waiting panty boy which means she wants me to get to her place and go down on her. No the worse problem to have.

Try it, if they fit, wear them. Why waste your money.

They wear discontinued for a while so she got me to try the vassarette black hi-cuts. I like the way the feel even better but they are a little shiny so when I was going to the gym I wear them under regular boxers. No ones knows. The best fit brand is back in many walmarts now and you can order them online as well.

I have seen on other forums that other guys have found similar solutions.

Thats what has worked well for me and it is a hell of a lot better then feeling nauseated and that dull ache you get after a few hours which can drive you crazy.

Feeling better in Texas
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replied December 26th, 2012
thanks for the good info.

I had my wife buy some of the "best fitting" panties after reading your reply when my scrotal supports I was using were discontinued. I am heavy set so a size 9 fit They work better than could have imagined and cost a tenth of what I was paying. I wish they had a "guys" version. It would be less embarassing, Maybe someday I hand wash them but I hand washed the old scrotal supports. Thanks again
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replied December 30th, 2012
can't find mens spandex underwear but woman's fit and work
I also have varicoceles (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varicocele) which causes pain in my testicles at certain times. I am glad I don't have the sexual problems like premature ejaculation l heard some guys with this get but the pain gets to me. Regular men's briefs aren't supportive enough so I've been wearing some old spandex underwear my gf gave me which work really well and reduce the pain. They aren't "girly" (just white, spandex/nylon briefs) and she cut out the tags so you can't really tell that they are women's underwear but she couldn't resist a little teasing, but I would prefer to have some men's underwear instead. But I can't find any. Does anyone know where I could get some spandex/nylon underwear for men?

Don't say "wear a jock strap" 'cause there's no way I'm wearing on of those all day every day for a week at a time. I know these exist 'cause I've seen them on guys at the health club a couple of times.

Additional Details
Yeah, just not comfortable with going up to some guy in the locker room and saying "nice shorts . . . where'd you get those?" I tried a couple of underwear web sites you suggested (nuwear and internetional male) and the stuff they sell looks gay. All I want is some regular underwear in regular colors, but just spandex/nylon.

I also checked out under armour. I've already tried bikinis and several brands of regular cotton and mixes. I even tried a speedo swim brief--that works good but I'm not paying $30 a pair for underwear. The ones that support enough are binding. The pouch ones are the worst. But thanks. It is strange to have this condition and find that woman's underwear are what works best. But I think you guys are right. I should just accept this and wear what fits for now. Maybe someday there will be an inexpensive really supportive men's underwear. I will ask my gf the next time she is in Walmart even if she has some laughs from it to get some pairs of the woman's best fitting underwear brand for me since they come in black and look plain.

I guess I should just be glad my gf only has a little fun teasing me when we go out about what she knows I am wearing and is understanding about the varicoceles.
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replied February 19th, 2014
Ive got an epididimal cyst(tiny sperm cyst,) parked next to a nerve. Just walking around will cause it to rub against the nerve,inflame the nerve causing months of pain at a stretch. Doc told me that there is no medical option except to wear a jock for support,which rolls the cyst off of the nerve. Jocks lift,but they also mash which is no help. I decided to ignore the reluctance to wear "wierd" underwear and ordered Cocksox underwear on the internet. They keep you gently up and out all day long very comfortably. Many companies make "Natural or Enhanced fit". It's been years since I had any pain,and no one ever sees me in undies ,anyway. Trust me, "wierd" feels great.
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