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scrotal sac relaxation

Recently (4months before) i moved from temperate climate region (cool) to tropical climate region (hot) after a continuous staying of 2years. Now iam facing the problem of scrotal sacs elongation, though my observation i found low cremaster muscle activity. I observed the sacs are showing contraction in the morning but during the day they becoming too much extended and makes it diffcult for me even to sit. I feel testicles are touching the floor. I have done some weight lifting programme before my coming here. is it due to problem caused by sudden lifting of weights or only effect of climate change. What can be done to reduce scrotal sacs elongation.
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replied April 10th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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replied April 25th, 2012
i wear a scrotal suspensory for this issue. it helps a lot with holding your scrotum/testicles up. also use qns scrotal support from excellent product.
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