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Scratched my eye three months ago, still blurry!?

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Well over two months ago I scratched my eye. I had something in it and I rubbed and then tried to get it out with saline solution.

Anyways since then that eye has been blurry. I let myself think it would heal on its own (thats what the internet told me) and just kept putting it off. Also we were dealing with a job loss and did not have money for the eye doctor.

Well, finally go to the doc and she prescribes me antibiotic drop and natural tears for the corneal abrasion. Says that my RA (Rheumatoid Arhtirits) is to blame for it not healing and also I was rubbing my eye sometimes. (stupid me). She says RA and ppl with autoimmune diseases have drier eyes than most and also have a harder time healing.

So it has now been 17 days since I first saw her and my last appointment is this Saturday. my eye is no better and I still can barely see out of it. She is going to refer me to a specialist.

I am terrified my vision is lost forever. Please, please does anyone know what happens next? I am SO worried. I feel SOOOO stupid.
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replied February 3rd, 2012
I have this problem too, Lucy, and am seeing a specialist, hope yours have cleared up, do let me know as I too am worried about my sight.
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