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Scratch on vagina

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Ok so I have a question, I have for the past week had some problems. One is I thought I scratched myself down there and that it was healing so I got an itch, and the more I itched it like a dummy the more it hurt when i used the restroom and the more it swelled. I looked up all different types of things that would tell me what this was and I do not need to have any discharge of any sort. no smells are different and the itching and burning and such has stopped.... now I have been wearing cotton panties to no panties, and I do take birth control and have been told my cells when they do a pap smear could be cancerous and have to go back in may. I have tried to get into the doctor but my doctors is full and I could not imagine going anywhere else. I am sexually active with the same guy for 2 years now and there is no possibility that he has went anywhere. We are together everyday all day 24/7. It does hurt a little when the first penetration of his penis, but afterwards it is fine. Until we finish and then it hurts a little and is a little swollen given the circumstances that was told to me as normal but in my case it is not. I can not figure out what is wrong does anyone have any ideas? Please ask any questions that I have left out. Thanks to anyone in advance.
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replied October 21st, 2015
What was it? I have the same issue
word for word this is my situation.. did you every find out what it was?
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