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Scratch inside vagina - yeast infection ?

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4 days ago me and my b/f were messing around and he got really rough and gave me a nice scratch on the right wall of my vagina. Up to about 2 days after that, the scratch stung a tiny bit after I went to the bathroom or if I sat on something funny. Now today I've noticed that it has had a pretty strong odor and I wonder if when I went to the bathroom my urine infected the scratch. I've gotten a couple scratches before and they cleared up by this time or they didn't bother me so I'm a bit concerned. If I do have a yeast infection, is there something I can do to fix it other than go see a doctor? Is there a medicine I can buy at like Stop and Shop or CVS or something?
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replied November 5th, 2009

I think it is better for you to consult a doctor first that is to gynecologist and then go for some medication as, before that please wash it with some disinfectant or use some anti fungal cream.

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replied November 7th, 2009
A scratch might make you a little more suseptable to a yeast infection just because you've kind of worn down your area there and made it a little raw I would guess but most likely it's not a yeast infection from a scratch but an actual infection. A bacterial infection from your wound.Yeast doesn't usually have a smell. Bacteria does. Also urine is sterile when it leaves your body so that's probably not the source of the bacteria. I would say go to the doctor and let him/her take a look and probably give you an antibiotic. And tell your b/f to take it down a notch.
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