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sclerotic lesions on spine and pelvis

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any insites for me or advice. i have been all over the place road trip after another to dr after another. it all started in 2008 when i had a kidney infection and they did an mri with contrast where they found multiple sclerotic lesions. so my dr at that time sent me for some blood work. the bloodwork came back fine all except my blood cells were slightly enlarged which he said that would be from alcohol which i barely ever drink. he then sent me to a rhuematologist who said he didn\'t know and there was nothing wrong. my pcp said then it must be how your spine grew. so now in the past year i had another kidney infection did a mri with contrast and the dr picked up on the lesions so they decided to look into it and pulled the other one from 2008 and compaired them in which they said the lesions are sclerotic and are growing in number and in size. let me just say the dr had shown me them and some of there are frighteningly big. i would say the size of a quarter big with lots of tiny ones. they are all through my spine and pelvic area. so my dr at the time did blood work and a full body bone scan and everything was fine except the lesions and the bloodwork showed yet again my blood cells slightly enlarged. she then sent me to another rhuematologist who did some xrays which the lesions didnt appear to be on those. he then said he dont know what it could be and sent me for a spine consult with a orthopedic. he wants to have a biopsy. when i get to the orthopedics office he says he doesnt see any concerns that the lesions are blood vessels. so i am awaiting to get a second opinion because the orthopedic wont do a biopsy and was very rude and ignorant and began asking me why i drove all that way to see him. im completely lost and wish i new what was going on. im in pain all the time i cant go out into the cold my fingertips and tips of toes go numb when im out in the cold and my whole back completely tenses and freezes and hurts.i am always tired i wake up feeling like i didnt sleep and i have a hard time getting out of bed. i have memory problems and my eating habbits arent normal. i do still eat just not at same time as everyone else. i have horible night sweats i wake up every morning drenched in sweat. please i hope someone can help me????
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replied January 29th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Sorry about your troubles.

It is very unusual for sclerotic lesions to not show up on x-ray. By definition, sclerotic lesions of bone have more calcium in them, more cortical bone, than the surrounding bone. So, they should show up on x-rays like light bulbs.

There is a very common lesion in the vertebral bodies, called hemangiomas, which are a tangle of blood vessels. The vertebral bodies are very vascular to begin with, but in ones with hemangiomas, the number of blood vessels increase. They are very easy to see on MRI, but often cannot be seen on regular x-rays. Luckily, they are benign lesions, and usually do not need any treatment.

If your bone scan was negative, then the lesions are not biologically active or inflammed, which is good.

As to your toes and fingers going numb when you go out in the cold, do your fingers do the same if you get something out of the freezer? If so, you may have something called Raynaud's. Unfortunately, this is managed by rheumatologists.

But, if you are still having problems and questions, you are just going to have to continue to find a physician/surgeon who will try to find out exactly what is going on.

Good luck. Wishing you the best.
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replied July 30th, 2014
bubble 86, did you find out what is going on?
-friend of friend
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replied November 28th, 2016
Night sweats are systematic of lymphoma
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