I woke up this morning with the sensation that I had something in my right eye. After looking at it in the mirror I found that was not the case. The white part/skin of the eye looks like it had lost fluid and much like that of a excess skin was gathering in the corners of my eye. It's rubbing against the eyelid and causing me discomfort as well as concern. I was told that it could be a sign of a stroke. I am 34 years old female, I smoke heavily, and consume approx. 3 drinks a night. I have extremely prominant history of cancer in my family, as well as almost EVERYTHING you would hope NOT to have. I can say that I have been going to thru extreme stress with a divorce. I have been told this could be a sign of a stroke. I don't have insurance at the time but would like to know if this is something that I should go to the emergency room with. Any advice would be appreciated.

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replied July 6th, 2011
I have the same problem for a week now. Only in my left eye. The white of the eye is gathering in the outer corner of the eye and feels like the edges of my eyelids touch it every time I blink. It is really uncomfortable, so much so that I have migraine headaches every other day from just the feeling of altered vision. I don't think my vision's altered, just the feeling.
Can anyone respond please ? I am going to see my eye doctor, but would like to know how others have handled it.
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