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Sciatic nerve pain Any relief ?

Any relief for sciatic nerve pain down leg. Constant for last 14 days. Had a mylogram and CAT today but not clear. Have to have another one next week. However, am seeing a back doc in 2 days. Am currently taking Percocet and Neurontin. No relief! Help
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replied August 25th, 2011

There are many options available for sciatic nerve pain. The first thing I would suggest is asking your doc to schedule a lumbar MRI. An MRI will show more conclusive results than a Cat scan. Also with the MRI your doc will be able to rule out any major risk factors like tumors etc. BTW, these are rare so do not be afraid.

After you get the MRI results ask your doc to fully explain them to you. If you do not understand the answers or your doc won't spend the time to explain them, ask for the MRI results and seek another opinion.

If your problem is disc related, (note that this includes bulges, stenosis etc,) there are many non-surgical options available to you. Some of these are decompression, aqua and hands on therapies. Use the Web to research which one is best for you and your situation. Please note that many times surgery is offered as a quick fix for sciatic nerve pain. I urge you to consider all your options before opting for surgery.

Good luck in your quest for pain relief. I know where you're at.
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