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sciatic nerve damage , muscle spasms

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I had surgery about four months ago, I had two lipomas on my lower back. The lipomas had fingers which were growning on my pelvic bone. They removed the lipomas, but Im experiencing extreme pain where they once were. Im having muscle spasms going up my back and a stabbing pain going down where my sciatic nerve is all the way down my butt to my leg.

They tried to put me on Flexeril and Ultram, but that didn't work for the pain, it just put me to sleep. I am now trying out two different medications, Skelaxin and Lyrica.
Skelaxin didn't take away my pain from the surgery, but relieved me of some soreness from sleeping on my shoulder weird.
The lyrica made me extremly dizzy and gave me a extreme high feeling.

Im in so much pain, and I dont know what to do?
Any suggestions?

I don't know how to tell my doctor that these things aren't working without telling me that im a drug seeker! (which im not!)

Help!? rainbow
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replied September 20th, 2008
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Siatic pain I know well. Darn thing flared up a couple of weeks ago and would not leave me alone. This is what I did:

Lots of roll-on cooling gel for pain & walking as I found sitting to aggravate it after a short while.

I also have a TENS unit which works wonders. Ask your doctor about it. It is NOT a is an electronic device with stickie pads on the place these stickie pads on the area in which you feel pain, turn it on and it sends electrical pulses to that is suppose to trick your mind into not feeling pain in that area...downside is that the batteries can go down quick, I have a recharger plus you need to give the area that you are zapping relief (do not use while sleeping, driving or on the neck or head or for long periods)

I also had LorTabs to take but I can only take so many as my stomach has a tendency to get inflamed when I take too many of them (gastritis and it is painful Sad

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