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School Phobia or just Anxitey?

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I posted a doctor question...four days later it's gone so I'll just make this...(Dunno why it's gone either!!!!) My doctors question wasn't like this but similar.

What goes on-

1. Can't sleep on school nights
2. Friday nights I'm fine...Saturday nights fine...Sunday nights I'm nervous all day because I know school is in the morning.
3. Can't concentrate.
4. Feel trapped
5. Have terrible anxiety (panic and anxiety attacks) even though I have a med at school for my anxiety it does NOT give me comfort. And by that I mean knowing the pill is there doesn't give me comfort not that it doesn't work when I take it. Which it only helps a little when I do take it.
6. Failing
7. Can't keep up
8. Refuse to go sometimes.
9. I got a lot worse when my parents divorced and dad remarried two weeks after divorce.
10. Worse when I moved to a new area. And now I'm in another new area.
11. Anxiety got a heck of a lot worse when I got put on probation. I was put on probation for missing to many days. My probation: I had to go to school 90 days with no parent notes and only 5 doctors notes(If I missed after doc notes were used my mom would've had to go back to court). I felt trapped. I felt like they were holding me ransom. Like I was being punished for have anxiety and depression. I lost all trust.
12. overly shy
13. feel ugly, fat, and that people don't like me

In school...I feel like I'm trapped in a corner by a angry lion on PMS who a rock got thrown at earlier.

My anxiety is only when I'm at school or when I know I have to go to school...

I'm 18 years old so like...I don't understand why I have such a hard time at school when I'm not a kid =/

School Phobia or just Anxiety?
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replied September 17th, 2010
Community Volunteer
Hi AshleighTV,

Ask your mom if you can get home schooled. You have so much going on and you need a quiet, safe enviroment so you can finish school get your diploma, and take some college classes online and become the wonderful, beautiful, smart person that you are. You are 18 and hopefully, this is your last year in high school. You have a great future ahead of you and the sun will shine brightly for you. Let's just make it past this temporary cloudy day.

Good Bless,

Faded Rose

P.S. You can speak with your school counselor or principal about setting up a home school program for you.
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