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schizophrenic to lesser degree ?

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I read a topic by someone else-- and their symptoms were similar to mine. I am probably a borderline case. I don't have problems with friends. It's hard for me to make new ones... I've had the same ones for years because I go to a small private school.
I'm a pretty happy person when I'm with my friends. But at home--- I am different. I am not normal, and I recognize that (whatever normal is). I'm an intelligent person (4.0!), but combined with my strange habits and ways of thinking--------it worries me.

Weird things about myself:

I had an imaginary friend when I was little.

I have memories of people and places I can’t… place. But I know they were real… although some of them seem impossible to occur.

I witnessed a strange green light when I was 11 years old.

I have nightmares all the time.

I wake up crying all the time.

I often feel cold hands touching me.

I don’t trust anyone.

I flinch at anything.

I believe in aliens and demons.

I sometimes think I have a higher purpose than anyone else.

I sometimes think I’m not human.

I sometimes think I am one with the earth and that I can feel the earth’s pain.

I have an intense case of insomnia and require NYQUIL in order to sleep.

I experience sleep paralysis frequently.

I hear voices.

Random sayings appear in my head at random times. They don’t have anything to do with anything. I’ll be rising from the couch and then “397” or “you know you’re the last one” or other sayings will just repeat themselves in my head. This will continue through the day, and possibly for days afterwards.

I see things out of the corner of my eye.

I am afraid of the dark. I think there are monsters there.

I have had demonic encounters. I heard a voice garble for over five minutes and remained awake and terrified for hours after that. During one of my sleep paralysis experiences—I saw a tall, thin, dark figure loom over me and watch me.

Irony is all around me. I will think of something, and the next day it will be there. I have dreams that often come true.

I sometimes think that I am psychic.

I don’t think I am part of my family.

I feel dizzy and weak all the time.

My vision often goes blurry and I start to fall to the side… then I reawaken.

I have sensitive senses.

I feel like I am being watched.

These things are all NOT TYPICAL. So just give the diagnosis. After reading a bunch of articles... I find myself relating to so many of the circumstances.
I think... that if I am schizophrenic, it's only when I'm alone or with my family. I only act strange around them. I'm quiet at school, and very friendly with my friends.
I think I have a good outer control of it. I don't let it show.

Keep in mind that all of these occurences aren't everyday things.
Some happen frequently.
Some rarely.
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replied June 17th, 2008
Well the dreams coming true part I believe is more of a psychic ability ( which is something we all can have if we tune into it) I would suggest talking to a doctor and telling them the signs and symptoms you've just told us here and let them evaluate it for you. schitophrenia can develop in the late teens and early 20s so that is something you should be aware of and if you do have it then taking action now would be better than waiting until your symptoms are full blown and out of control.
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replied June 24th, 2008
Inu, I think you are developed of schizophrenia symptoms. It happened to me since after I felt someone is following me. And I was very sensitive too. I think schizophrenia happens to most of the high sensitive persons. I believe there are demons too. Some how demons get enter into the highly sensitive person when he/she in highly depression. Since you are still in control, keep your control, don't be down or stress out. More over, you should never think of someone following you any more, don't believe in psychic, and you should lesser your sensitive senses, then I think your symptoms would be reduced.
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