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schizophrenic episode . how do u stop it? is it the drugs?

if someone (male33) is having a schizophrenic episode (not the first one) i believe it was brought on by drugs. how do u stop it and is that guy really schizophrenic or is it the drugs because if he's getting ahold of drugs he said it calms him. he's been ranting and raving for the last two weeks. he doesnt think hes doing anything wrong. and you have to do what he says or he throws a fit like a child. he's saying off the wall stories. talking into the TV cursing, walking back and forth. he thinks he's causing the recent tornadoes. messages codes. he'll talk in different voices. makes up story about wife cheating and gets mad and slapped her. could this man have another episode in the future that's not drug induced?he doesn't think he needs any help.
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replied April 23rd, 2012
i'm not taking drugs or anything for my schizophrenia and it doesn't really works for me and i don't have any budget and insurance for medicine anyways... i think i tried many crazy things to cure or handle myself so far since i got this illness few years back. Everyday i have manic moments 24/7 hearing voices and mostly i had senseless arguments with these thing inside me for no reason at all.. just they want me emotionally tortured ... when they are talking, my mouth talks sometimes not (just i can't control them , they are controlling my body! they are talking through my mouth and sometimes they can move my body... AND the sad part is.. if the persona inside me really likes or happy or mad from what he is doing in me.. it feels like that i like it as well or we feel similar emotion to the persona inside... crazy right? And i talk in different voices as well and i'm very aware of it)...

since the beginning I've got this schizophrenia ... i think that i'm a victim of a secret society related to reptilian or demonic organization that most of the major television and radio networks in my community are controlled by this societies to perform inhumane things to a people like me and pushes us to hurt ourselves and other people. these voices inside mostly makes me mad .. they sounds like the voices of my friends and former colleagues at work and these guys inside me pushes me always to harm myself and mostly destroy my trust to people (i have a trust issue ... i lost my best friend because of it...). i always feel angry ... worst ... i loose my confident ... when i'm doing or trying to make things right... these voices pulled me down... insecurity is their game... playing gods all the time... makes me irritated especially dealing with people... in addition, maybe that society have an access to the perception of the people surrounds me about me ... and these people are aware and wanted to abuse me just to satisfy their sadistic lust.

anyway... in reality ... some medicine can help us to caught up with the real world.. it helps to lessen the manic attacks, make us sleep or cure us totally.. if these medicines are not taking its effects maybe he needs to consult his doctor and give him a proper medicine.

in my opinion ... this guy really needs help like me... he needs an open minded environment that gives him sense of security and privacy ... if he is using illegal drugs not medicine to cure his schizophrenia maybe it is cause by these drugs ... and remember he is the one who can save his life from these cult of illness ..

for me living with schizophrenia is really hard... mostly i can't differentiate the reality and the delusion ... i see things like psychics ... maybe some unseen forces gives me a telepathic message or these are just brought by my delusions ...

at this moment i see a different world but not quite different to the reality that i used to live with ...
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replied May 6th, 2012
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Let's get it straight here, why? I don't know!

Anyone can be a schizophrenic, anyone, several people that aren't schizophrenic or have episodes hear voices and don't even realize it.

It's why the jedi say to mind your thoughts and feelings, and it's why some books say be vigilant, don't just sit there and be told what to do it says.

However, all that a person can be is a schizophrenic on drugs, that it's, and anyone can be a schizophrenic, and some of the time a person can have episodes and then it simply just goes away.

What the flying fu#$ right?
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