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Schizophrenia - two's company, three's a hindrance

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Schizophrenia - two's company, three's a hindrance

I have schizophrenia and have made an observation that whenever I am placed in a situation where I have to communicate directly to another person - eg. at a bus stop, in my language class, or someone i don't know really really well, I find I am often linked to a 3rd party or person because the 2nd person or other person isn't really understanding what I'm saying. I consider myself to speak clearly and i moderate my vocabulary according to who I'm speaking to, however, i find I rarely keep an individual friend. I am very rarely invited to a group situation eg. by a friend to join their friends who i don't know and I'm finding I'm loosing my immediate contacts - well they are not really contacting me much recently i seem to be the only one who makes contact.

Why I'm wanting to resolve this situation is I'm a mature student and studying with the OU but I hope to do another course oneday in the future a science course at a daytime university either Durham or Teesside not really bothered. My friend who has lupus has a nasty habbit of inviting herself along to family meals all the time when i want to spend time with my sister and parents away from my friend. She also has a habit of getting together with my sister when I'm in a different part of the country or away from the area. I find this a real embarrassment since my friend and I sat next to each other every day in the same tutor group and my dad really makes fun of me about her being friends with my little sister. I find this embarrassing hurtful and polically embarrassing within our family. I'm finding it hard to move on and do things without her. How can I resolve this? I have subtley hinted for years for her to back off but she hasn't tune in. More recently I have been a little more explicit in my writings to her often by email and she's gradually learning but it's just I'm worried at this rate it's going to take until i am 33 or something before she finally understands that i dont want her in my life or my sister's life anymore. It's sad but she should respect this and keep vaguely intouch but not impede and intrude on us anymore. Yes she's got lupus but everyone's got something and it's really starting to get me down.
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replied April 14th, 2011
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