My mother has schizophrenia, exactly what type we are not sure. She first feel ill back in the late 80's we are not sure what bought this on we only know that its triggered by high levels of stress, or though when mum became ill she had started going to a spiritulist centre where they got mum into thinking she was a clairvoyant I was 8 at the time and didn't really understand what was going on all I knew is that my mother was slowly becoming a different person, my dad left as she grew worse he had no idea what was going on with her and it hurt him to see her that way, the voices had started by then and were telling mum to get rid of Dad. Over the next five years mum lived undiagnosed with this illness or though she believed the voices to be god, good and evil spirits, all whom told her different things it got so bad mum heard them non stop they kept her from sleeping they kept us from having a normal childhood with a mother who cooked and cleaned, she used to disappear for hours sometimes, she used to tell me that the voices were making her angry and she needed to get out of the house, people used to stare at her when we were shopping, she would stop mid stride and her mouth would be moving as if she were talking to someone but no sound was coming out, I used to shake her and try to snap her out of it, it worked for a minute or two. We asked the church to help as we thought she was possessed by evil as we had no other explanation other than what mum told us. They came and got rid of all her crystals and crystal balls and everything they thought was unholy, but the voices remained finally the reverend organised a appointment with a doctor at a mental home, she stayed there for 3 months and came out like herself again not completely but the voices had subsided she cooked, cleaned and even got herself a job she's had one relapse where she stopped taking her medication and got pretty bad but is back on track, she still hear's voices when she's alone, the local GP tells us that without here being heavily drugged the voices will never stop completely she also has recently started having abnormal movement in her mouth, she has just changed medication to see if this will stop. She also gets a feeling like someone is pushing down on her brain which we have no explanation for, if there's anyone out there that knows anything about these things or knows someone with a similar story I would love to hear from you we have yet to meet anyone that has schizophrenia similar to the one mum has, and without a specific name for it, is making it hard to know if she is being medicated properly, we are in a town with very little mental health support!

Thanks to all for listening would be really great to hear from someone who can relate to all of this.
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replied May 8th, 2008
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The abnormal mouth movement is definitely a common side effect of medication- perhaps the switch will help? Not quite sure about the pushing down feeling. It's hard to tell what type she might have, though not really necessary for treatment. The religious delusions are very common- especially when people around her tried to tell her her delusions were real. That can be very harmful.

Thanks for sharing your experience!
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