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schizophrenia symptoms ?

Ever since i was about 12 i kept feeling like someone/thing was watching me
when i was 13 i started seeing people in my vents and their eyes everywhere
especially in mirrors and statues
they always yell at me and ive heard voices ever since i was little but they just keep getting more and more apparent
sometimes i see stuff coming from my walls and fire at my curtains and bedsheets
its really scary
my boyfriend says that sometimes i'll blank out and act like a totally different person
it happens so often he's even named them [the other "me's"]
i dont remember saying anything or doing anything when he says it happens
im so scared that there are people watching me that i cant go outside cause theyre hiding and if im alone they'll get me..
i know i probably sound crazy but i just want to know whats going on with me
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replied April 15th, 2008
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You should tell your parents and tell them you'd like to see a doctor. Tell everything.
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replied April 19th, 2008
i'm not a doctor, but thats what happens to schizophrenics
i'm not a doctor so i cannot give you the veneer of legitmacy but people that go through what you do have schizophrenia. its very important for you to seek help so you can get on medication. medication will help put these things under control. dont give up, please ask your parents for help. if you just dont always have anyone to talk to look for a crisis hotline in your area. they'll talk to you about anything for no other reason than you need someone to be there for you. hang in there, do the right thing and get help.
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replied October 8th, 2010
my 11 year old daughter was just commited to inpatient treatment for sever anxiety and panic and she just told them she hers voices telling her what to do and she wants them to go away. When she has an episode she gets violent and totally turns into a different person. She has not been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, but if she is, we will treat it as such and hopefully my little girl will feel happy again. My thoughts are with you and I do agree with the other to comments, you should go see a doctor. Its amazing how much they know and how much they want to help. Good Luck
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