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schizophrenia recovery

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I feel alot better, Even I know its still there
My way of thinking is not chaotic anymore, just look back at my previous posts. I dont type that choatic anymore.
I just wanna share my big insights, maybe it would help anyone here
Even I know this illnes is very personal, just look at the different schizophranic symptoms. I give my three biggest insights and my old symptoms. Excatly I had more then 100 insights, but my biggest were:

1. Dont hide/supress feelings behaviour in your own mind, or how you act to other people or how your view of life is. Dont start arguments against yourself what u are, you are what u are. Sit back and then think were u really standing for, what u really wanna do in life. What the things are what u like or not, at short think about what u really are personal
2. when u are happy. And then you feel bad.
Block out the feeling bad part, u are happy now. The bad feeling is for a time later, a time where it make sense to feel bad.
3. You are what u are, act that way. Think that way

My old symptoms:
1 Extreme paranoid
2 Unstoppable flow of thoughts
3 moodswings
4 Social dissorded
5 Being always tired

I now blockt out 4 of the 5, with my insights
The always tired part, I use coffee againts it Wink

This is my last visit to this forum, because I think i ended this "horrible" stage of my life.

I wishe everyone goodluck, and NEVER GIVE UP. BE A PUSHER F THIS ILLNES MAN

EDIT: my religion (christian) helpt me alot in the progress. If u dont have a religion it wont care to cure this illnes. Its more a personal matter
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replied March 22nd, 2008
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I'm glad that you have come to these conclusions! It takes a lot to take control, no matter what your problems are. I know you can keep going on without the forum, but if you ever happen to need anything at all, don't think that we aren't here to help. All the best with this new stage in your life!

Religion is a really great thing to have. It helps me in a lot of ways too. I know it doesn't cure anything, but having it is definitely a plus.
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