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schizophrenia or just depressed?

ok so i think im schizophrenic or just depressed. At school(high school) i constantly have thoughts of just destroying someone in a fist fight. I know for a fact i could hurt someone badly in a fist fight. I think one day another kid will get me to lose my cool and ill attack them. also i constantly think i am going to be attacked in my own home. after school, in the shower, even when the doorbell rings i get anxious and look for possible weapons. i also jack myself up for a fight. and sometimes when my and my ma are in a grocery store i pretend to be her bodyguard and she is a high profile charge. so i always keep watch for enemies. i lastly think my own life boring and not exciting enough. let me know if you think im schizophrenic. bye. (im 15 years old).
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replied April 12th, 2011
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