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Schizophrenia or anxiety

4 weeks ago I stopped marijuana use. However two weeks ago I had an overwhelming feeling I was dreaming because I lost my short term memory. I knew I wasn't but it was an overwhelming intrusive thought. I went to the doctor and got a cat scan an EKG as well as X-rays for my chest and blood work. The only abnormality my doctor told me about was chronic sinusitis. She also scheduled me for ears nose and throat doctor next week. My stress has been high from all this and I have been having anxiety attacks. I have started to have delusional thoughts of whether everyone else exists. I feel disconnected from my own body and reality. I'll feel as if I am going to faint and hear voices and have noticed when I talk it sounds different and I can't put emotion into my voice. When I passed a sign yesterday it said something like need help with stress and anxiety call xxx. It felt like it was put there for me to see. I seem to have developed agoraphobia. My mind feels foggy and my ears feel stuffed. I was wondering of you think I am becomming a paranoid schozophrenic or if this is a result of stress, anxiety, loss of apeptite, insomnia, chronic sinusitis, inner ear infection, and Marijuana withdrawl?

These feelings are not overwhelming right now and it doesn't feel as if I believe them.
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replied February 29th, 2012
I forgot to mention when I have these thoughts they are for a brief time. Not even 10 seconds, except for the existence of everyone else but me. I don't believe no one exists but than again I can't prove it.
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replied March 3rd, 2012
hello. I can honestly say I used to be a pothead for a while and through that stage in life I embraced my "open mindedness". those thoughts didnt scare me, and I was surrounded by others who thought the same. Maybe it was the pot, or maybe the pot made it feel safer to deal with at the time. I havent used marijuana in Id say a couple years or so now, but I still feel these episodes very often. The only thing that changed was my realization of how scary they are. Was there any point when you were ok with these thoughts of being in a dreamworld?
Also, I completely get what you mean by the thoughts not being overwhelming at that moment. Its hard for me to care about the issues after they pass. Its almost like a burden to bring it up again. It literally makes me sick. I dunno if its like that for you or not. My episodes last I guess just over an hour each time. Once Its over I cant think about it. I try really hard to focus and rehash to a friend/family member, but I just dont care anymore, like some exhaustion or I feel absurd and forget why I thought that. Is that what you mean, or is this completely different?
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