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schizophrenia or am I just worrying?

I am a girl in my teens, who is rather prone to worrying (albeit not to the degree it affects my life). I have recently been getting what I think might be symptoms of schizophrenia, and thought this might be a good place to double check my worries before I go and bother a psychiatrist.
I hear things, but not normally voices or conversations. The two most common things I hear are drumming (I don't play drums nor do I ever recognize the beat the drumming is) and a sound as though someone has crept up behind me and is whispering 'rhaww' in my ear. The drumming is something no-one else seems to hear, and my dog doesn't show any signs of having heard it - said dog is very sensitive to those sort of sounds and makes a fuss if he can hear them. For me, it is most definitely sounding outside of my head, not at all in the same way as recalling a song inside your head. As for the whispering, the only thing I can highlight about that is I can only hear it in one ear, as though a person is stood on that side of me.
I hear other things too, car alarms, footsteps, doors slamming. But these could all be dismissed as simply having better hearing than those I ask if they can hear it too.
I also have a fear I am being watched. I hate walking alone in the dark, even around my own house and garden (and I live in a rural area where the threat of something happening in that situation is almost nil). A particular time I get this is when I am alone in a room, when I stand up to leave the room I have an overwhelming urge to run and find other people. I can force myself to walk, but it isn't pleasant to. Believe it or not, it is worst when I am using the bathroom. Once I flush the toilet I get very scared and have to leave immediately. To the degree that I now prepare everything to leave and then hurry out of the room as soon as it is flushed.

Thank you very much.
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replied December 1st, 2010
hearing things that others can't is a very obvious sign. if you keep hearing that person trying to scare you just tell them to go away, don't let them scare you. often when i think about people trying to scare me they come along and try to, because i'm thinking of it, so try to keep good happy thoughts.

i suggest going to see a counceller or psychiatrist. it helps alot to know why and how these things are happening, and helps that you can always call them up and ask for advice.
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