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schizophrenia medications ?

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I am diagnostic with schizophrenia for almost 3 years. I am now on Abilify which is less side affects compare to the previous one. I don't know which med is better to treat schizophrenia. The one with less side affect or the one that reduce the symtoms. The one can reduce the symtoms seem like take time to know to compare.
1) So which is a right med to treat schizophrenia for an individual then?
2) And what are the new med out there to treat schizophrenia?
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replied May 12th, 2008
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I can not presume to tell you which medication is correct for you to take. If side effects do not diminish in time for you and you find the medication unbearable to take then talking to your doctor for alternatives is prudent. It seems that you have already done that. Abilify is the newest medication out for schizophrenia. You are getting the most recent treatment available. If you find it is not as effective than previous medication be sure to tell your doctor. Another medication may be added or a dose increase may be needed. Your doctor can tell you what your options are. All the best.
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