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Schizophrenia it seems that the voices are making him worse

luvcomp i know someone with schizophrenia and hes been doing worse medication doesnt seem to help. hes attacked random people and family members a couple times and also has tried grabing weapons before to use. thier has also been a time where he has grabbed household items and broke them and made holes through walls. MY major question is does he need to be in a HOSPITAL with all that happening because it seems that the voices are making him worse
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replied July 6th, 2012
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Okay, speaking as someone with schizophrenia--if he's still having behaviors like that under medication, then the meds certainly aren't doing what they should. Unfortunately, psychiatric medication is a very inexact science, and finding just the right med(s) at just the right dosage(s) sometimes takes quite a while (and even then, meds can lose effectiveness over time).

I hate saying this, but if this person you know is really that out of control and getting worse, then s/he needs to be someplace where s/he can get the appropriate care and not be a danger to self or others--in many cases a hospital is indeed the right environment for that. Hard call to make through the internet, though.
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