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schizophrenia? depression? paranoia?

Hi, i'm a 17 year old male.
My life since i moved to a foster care 5 years ago or something like that, i've forgot when it was, has been very bad in the latest years. The first year or two was allright but then depression struck, i got very depressed in the mornings and at the nights and i sometimes couldn't sleep because i was very depressed, i started to not give a darn about my life, i began to do crimes and use drugs which keept the depression away so i kept on doing it and i got very aggressive. Aggression keeps the depression away aswell so when i'm depressed i'm very aggressiv and can get very pissed off by tiny things. I've had suicide thoughts many times and the criminal life i've been living has made me very paranoid and i've got a short memory, but. I met a girl on the internet around 6 months ago, i forgot when it was, she made me want to continue live, she makes me happy when we are talking and she keeps my depression away so i stopped with drugs and crimes. I realized that i love her and she is the only person i care about and i can't stop thinking of her and when we're not talking i'm depressed and not happy but i've still got paranoia. Sometimes i think that she don't want to talk with me and that puts me in a very depressive mood because for me she is my best friend and nothing can replace her and i don't want to loose her as friend because i would relapse to the drugs and crimes or suicide and i think that i've got schizophrenia because i have many signs of it or i'm just extreme paranoid.
I'd really want any tips that could help me in anyway because everyday is painfull, thanks in advance.
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replied February 3rd, 2015
I really need help
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replied February 20th, 2015
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I am very sorry for you that you are passing with hard time. You are suffering from heavy depression and to prevent it you need to contact any good rehab center. Don't be possessive about your friend, she is your friend and understands you better. You can also do Yoga and meditation to keep your mind away from depression. Start to think positive.
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