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Schizophrenia + connection problems

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Schizophrenia + connection problems

I have schizophrenia and seem to be constantly getting connection problems. Firstly my friend insists on getting involved with my family and inviting herself to family meals, so I have nicely said to her that we are going to go for a private family meal. Hopefully this will set a standard for the future and she won't invite herself to any more meals (she asks my sister seperately if she may join us). My friend has constantly involved herself with giving lifts to my younger sister, which is fair enough but I don't get any help from my sister's friends! They have all lost touch with her, her local friends because she has moved away from the area. However, I feel it's such a burden on me for my one special friend who lives locally to have to give her car lifts everywhere! My younger sister also insists that she's a good friend with my one special friend (which she is certainly not!!) and she has even said on occasions that I'm not a good friend to her and that you have to 'be' a friend. So I have tried to stay away from my sister and only communicate when really necessary or polite to do so. I have also tried to be honest with my one special friend and say that it's causing me connection problems her being "friends" with my sister. The connections problems I am having is: she is creating a closer communication connection between me and my sister than I really want and am able to cope with. When I'm staying for Christmas or one day a week at my family home I just want time to relax, reflect and recouperate - the last thing I need is arguments with my sister over a friend who is my friend not her friend, after all my friend and I sat next to each other every day during tutor group right from year 7 to year 13 (basic level to end of sixth form) and I don't think my sister or my one special friend realises the damage they are doing to me!
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replied April 18th, 2011
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