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Schizophrenia and observations about people

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I have schizophrenia and I'd be interested in what observations other schizophrenics make about other people.
I have gradually integrated more into groups where the people know each other well eg. social groups such as a coffee morning, friends of friends and people you bump into on the street and get to know. However, I still havent worked
out why people tend to lable people with mental health problems, and more specifically schizophrenics as less able to cope with the outside world than non sufferers and in some cases actually unable to cope.

I am of the opinion that schizophrenics are more sensitive than others and their minds are overactive with observations about other people and what is going on around them. They are unable to cope with so many thoughts and behave rationally as a result. I mean that's in the extreme cases where people aren't well and have chemical imbalances within their brains. However, on a day to day basis when a schizoprenic recovers and is almost well enough to work , which is the stage I'm at. I actually keep on questioning would I be able to cope with the social environment at work as I hate communicating with people unless I have to and just want to get on with work without having to put on a smile and happy face all day long.
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