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Schizophrenia and Lupus linked ?

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I'm becoming increasingly mentally frustrated because at the moment, I am just turning 30 and would like to start a family and have a career sometime during my 30s. The problem is my friend just won't back off and leave our family alone. Everytime my younger sister comes back from working and living away from the area, she always has to visit my school friend, who was in the same year as me at school. This is not a problem in itself, however it's mentally frustrating because they seem to produce all these really wierdo ideas about definately not wanting children, not following main stream, they are both very strict vegetarian (I have nothing against this but everyone has the right also to eat a little/some wish if their bodies requires it or they choose to) , they also believe that everyone should follow all these alternative ideas. I just don't know how to split them up, recently I have even gone to lengths like starting to befriend her brother just to see if she likes this being done back to her (me hanging round with her brother instead of her right in her face like she constantly does with my sister). When I left school and went to college I tried to loose contact with her, I was doing really really well at college and was predicted 3 As in extra a levels I was doing in law, philosophy and repeated German. However my friend wrote quite a bolshy letter about how I had lost contact with her, my friend who I was sharing a room with saw it and somehow everyone seemed to turn against me at college(in my small household run by a house mother) and I had to leave college early before the exams and be sectioned under the mental health act. To this day, my friend does not understand what happened to me and she does not understand how drained and ill she makes me feel by constantly wanting to spend time with my younger sister. My older sister thinks this is very strange and whilst she does not say so or show me, I am sure she thinks I'm too autistic enough to communicate with my friend so my friend chooses to hang around with my sister. I would love to pursue a scientific career and become really good at mathematics again like I was at school, but my friend is severly holding me back because she never really goes into detail about anything we have conversations about and she never really has an open, honest, deep conversation.

My question is this - could lupus and schizophrenia be related:? I have noticed that on a bad day when i feel dizzy and my thoughts are rushing I also get like problems walking and moving my legs without feeling dizzy like I'm going to fall over. I need to lie down a lot and have little energy. I have schizophrenia. My friend (mentioned above) has lupus and on a bad day she has mood swings and starts hanging round with my sister and ignoring me infront of me. It's almost as if you are destined to either have lupus or schizophrenia on the two extremes, or be somewhere in between, more physically and mentally stable.

Anyone agree/disagree with me?
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