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schizophrenia and legal prejudism

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Schizophrenia and legal prejudismi have had schizophrenia now for about 10 years it is controlled by taking 2mg of respiradone per day. Things seem to be going really well only taking half than I used to and the gp agrees I'm well on it! I have a slight problem which may seem trivial to some people but its something which affects my daily life and something I think about every day. I have recently stood up for myself against my friend with lupus who has insisted hanging round with my younger sister and ignoring me. When she was doing that I had alsorts of odd questions from my parents like why do I not have any friends. Now since my younger sister and my friend that I sat next to every day in tutor group have parted I feel I have to be honest with my friend again about something a little bit more serious. My problem is legal. Noone seems to think I am able to manage my own legal and financial affairs and everyone seems to be constantly trying to measure my mental fitness to live alone and have my own inde
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replied April 12th, 2011
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