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Schamberg purpura skin disorder

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I went to dermatologist in NYC.. He looked at it and immediately said that's what I have. It is only on the back of my left calf. He prescribed Elidel cream and Excipial tablets. I have United Healthcare Mosaic Complete. He sent the Elidel to RiteAid and the insurance company said they wouldn't fill it that doctor had to call anda approve. He did and they STILL won't approve it.

The Excipial tablets are OTC but no one has heard of it. The few pharmacists looked it up and still couldn't find it. My point is what kind of a doctor prescribes a prescription that can't be filled and something over the counter that no one knows or can find? So in other words, I paid the doctor for... What exactly. I'm the same as when I went to see him. Still have the disorder and can't treat it. Don't know what to do now.
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