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Sceptoplasty and Viral Infections

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I am a 22 year old male and an avid swimmer. I'm used to swimming about 10-12 miles a week and before that I used to compete. During the Summer of 2009 I was even training for a triathlon. I do not smoke and I rarely drink. Most of all I normally only get sick once a year. In June of 2009 I had a sceptoplasty operation for my deviated septum. Things were great after that.

Recently I've had viral infections but my sympotms are lingering for 3 months now. Throat cultures, chest xray, white blood cell count, red blood cell count, sedation rate, spirometry testing (before and after using an albuterol inhaler), thyroid blood work have been all reported normal. I was tested for Mono and HIV as well and those tests were negative. I've consulted my PCP, ENT, Pulmonologist, allergist, chiropractor, message therapist and of course my mother. I had a sceptoplasty procedure done June 2009 by the way.

I first got sick with a "head cold" the first week of September so I rested for about 2 weeks as usual. I then started swimming and after about 1 week I got sick again with another virus as my PCP said.

The second time I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. I had no cough, no fever ever during this time however I found myself very fatigued and lacked a lot of energy. I struggled just sitting at work to keep my head up. This time I felt my chest tightening up or some sort of pressure/pain behind my sternum. Sometime the pain was slightly more noticeable on the right side of my chest. I also had minor sore throat for several weeks. I was able to reach full lung capacity still but I felt I had to put in more effort to do so. I proceeded to wait another 3-4 weeks. I began doing light exercise on the elliptical machine after a couple weeks as my energy level improved slightly.

The week before Thanksgiving I felt good enough to swim and attempted to slowly start swimming again. Things were going well until I day after thanksgiving. I lost all my energy again and was too fatigued to do anything. I spent most of the day in bed. The days leading up to that I felt slightly tired but thought it was only due to exercise and the fact I am now out of shape.

Today, I've been trying to stretch out my pec muscles often and self massaging them and heat treating them. I still notice clicking sounds when doing so or if I take a deep breath sometimes. My chest pain/pressure is still present and I still don't have my normal energy level and I still get faint/ lightheaded at random times. I've been doing light swimming for the past 2 weeks and my condition seems unchanged.

I have no idea what mechanisms are at play but I'm looking for answers so that I may return to my usual lifestyle 100%. Could septoplasty be a cause for this at all?!

FYI- I used to take Naproxen regularly but I don't notice a huge difference. It seems to give me indigestion/heartburn sometimes. I'm currently trying Prilosec after trying OTC Pepcid AC. Still suffering the same symptoms. My self massages seem to help....the muscle right below my collar bone seems sore on both sides.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated. Thank you!
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