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Scared...scalp has enlarged areas on 1 side only

First, I'm set to see a dermatologist Monday because of what has recently been accelerating.

The issue began 10 years ago in High School when I all of a sudden experienced headaches on the right side of my head corner front and I never get them either. It was an enlarged area that a doctor dismissed as nothing. There was no CT/MRI scans done. Friends dismissed as being delusional, isn't that just wonderful.

Well, the enlarged areas is causing very serious dandruff now, like I cannot control it anymore at all. I used T-GEL which worked wonders at first. I used other shampoos which has just caused the right side to become quite inflamed due to combing out the dead skin cells over time.

The surface DOES have protrusions all on the right side of my head which cannot be seen but definitely felt. The left side of my head is perfectly normal, never any issues.

I get crawling sensations on the right side, muscle twitches sometimes on right side, when I eat spicy foods I always feel like my blood is moving around on the right side.

I am terrified of what I may have and that I may need surgery.

I never have headaches in the morning and I don't really get them very often.

I have never vomited from this.

I do have poor eyesight at long distances but can see fine up close.

I do have balance issue when my eyes are shut and if it's dark I feel like I am spinning but perfectly fine when my eyes are open.

I do have muscle twitching on the right side head from time to time.
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replied July 13th, 2014
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Hi josh6552...I just saw your post...This may be a simple skin problem that has caused this...They will probably do a brain scan to make sure that they are on the right track...Either way good luck to you...Take care...

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