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Scared of western medicine

I am just seeking any advice from doctors or the community you can offer. I will tell you the situation:

I am dating a 38 year old Asian female. I am myself a 41 year old Caucasian male. She does not have much income nor health insurance. I do have good income, and though she would not be covered under my own insurance I have the resources to pay for a thorough medical exam out of pocket. This is what I want to do.

We live in San Francisco. I would like to try to find a place that is not a hospital that will be able to give her a complete medical evaluation and discuss with her alternative medicine options as well as western medicine. (Suggestions welcomed). I have a car so anywhere a few hours away from the city is acceptable as well.

I don't think she has had a proper (western) medical evaluation for well over ten years. She smokes, she drinks (sometimes heavily) and also has mental health issues. She is otherwise thin and has an athletic body, she walks a lot but doesn't get much exercise besides that.

She has a fear of western medicine which is not unreasonable in consideration of past experiences and her culture.

I have discussed this with her, telling her just to think about it. But I would like ANY advice I can get on any aspect of this. Also from the Doctor community an idea of just how much I should expect to have to spend out of pocket for this. Up to $2500 is my comfort zone but not my limit. Keep in mind that I'm also going to have to convince her to actually go too.

Thank you in advance for your kind advice.
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replied April 11th, 2009
NDs in the City
Hi caringlover,

I think it is nice of you to want to help your girlfriend, but I am curious if she is interested in getting help. You say that she smokes, drinks (sometimes a lot) and is having mental health issues. If you are hoping that she will change this behavior, but she is not seeking to change these behaviors herself, then I'm not sure that someone discussing alternative methods with her is going to be that helpful. I have also dealth with mental health issues & have taken only the alternative road. I have improved greatly & am living a fully-functional, symptom-free life now, so I can tell you there is hope, but I had to be willing to give up many, many things that were not good for me. Alternative medicine did offer a lot of useful tools to help me do this, but it was still a lot of work and I had to really want to do it.

If she is interested in working with it this way, then San Francisco is the greatest place around. I also live in the Bay Area & have found wonderful resources here. I mainly worked with a naturopath in Santa Rosa, which is far from you, but there are lots of Naturopaths in the City. That may be just the type of crossover MD/Alternative that you need. You can find one here... .asp?version=2

There are also many Chinese Medicine practitioners around. Would she not be more comfortable with that? This was also very helpful for me in my struggles.

Hope you find what you are looking for.
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replied May 1st, 2009
research holistic practitioners/ herbalist i think this would be a good choice.
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